Ballet Classes in East London

    So East London Dance School started teaching Adults Ballet in the Autumn 2009 and 3 months later Allan added Pre-Primary, Primary and Older Children’s classes. We never looked back and now in our 5th year the kids have done 2 exam sessions and danced in two school shows, extracts from The Nutcracker in 2011 and choreographies to Hans Christian Andersen’s The Old Street Lamp in 2013 and also performed outside in Hackney Village in 2010 engaging with the local people which turned out to be very successful and a very warm day. My friend Anie made lemonade for us all and we had home baked cake. A truly wonderful and dancing day.

    This year we are preparing for the end of the term a little showing based on circus artistry. Allan is a ballet teacher at National Centre for Circus Arts in Hoxton, so Allan has been inspired from all the circus disciplines such as Juggling, Tigthwire, Clowning, Trapeze, Trampoline and Acrobatics to name but a few and we are going to set up a little ballet showing that highlights all dazzling things circus.

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