• ELT Baptist Church

    Autumn Term starts 9th September 2020

    Venue: ELT Baptist Church
    Adult Ballet
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    Thursday classes:

    East London Tabernacle Baptist Church
    Burdett Road,
    Mile End
    London E3 4TU

    Our ballet classes

    Ultimate enjoyment when dancing and learning about what can be achieved within oneself with hard work, understanding of movement and attention to music and movement supported by the classical ballet vocabulary. Musicality and awareness of diverse teaching and creativity in our ballet classes. 


    Contemporary Dance (currently no classes)

    – we are happy to set up a class for a group of 8-10 adults.


    Cecchetti Classical Ballet

    Cecchetti Method (pronounced [Tjeketti]) Method of Classical Theatrical Dancing. A rigorous syllabus that nurtures individual development and artistry. Maestro Enrico Cecchetti greatly influenced the ‘English Style’. Sir Frederick Ashton created ballets deeply inspired by the principles of the Cecchetti Method. Contemporary choreographers Michael Clark and Matthew Hawkins are living examples of the Method’s natural bond with movement and choreographic work as well as Principal Dancers Darcy Bussel and Jonathan Cope.