1. Please abide by teacher rules and instructions.
    2. Parents and carers will always sit outside the studio (please see exemptions below).
    3. Buggies or other bigger family accessories must remain outside of the studio.
      1. Chained to the fence in the streets (first choice).
      2. Left attended by the wall on the stairs or in the corridor (second choice). It is a major Health & Safety risk to leave unfixed things unattended by main public fire escapes and escape routes.
    4. Children must be in school uniform and hair tied up in a ballet bun by class start.
    5. Children to visit the toilet before class.
    6. Please refrain from taking any pictures unless carefully allowed for by the teacher.
    7. No electronic devices to be used insight of the class

    Pre-Primary classes and up:

    1. First trial class, parents are allowed to sit insight the class and watch.
    2. Second trial class, if the child is still not comfortable being left alone, the parent can sit insight the studio again. Parents must go home and talk to the child about being alone in class.
    3. By the third class, the child is still not comfortable being left alone, we will consider the child not ready for tuition just yet, and will recommend you wait a few months until the child has matured and understands that mum and dad is not present in class but sitting just on the other side of the door.
    4. The class is there for the child’s independent enjoyment and to learn to dance in a safe and caring environment set by the teacher.

    Parent and Child classes:

    1. Parents participate in the class and dance with the child as instructed by the teacher.
    2. These classes are for children aged 1,5 to 3 years of age.
    3. This class will introduce independence and confidence for the child to gradually be left alone with the teacher.
    4. No electronic devices to be used.
    5. Always ask other parents or carers should you wish to take a photograph of your child with other children. The teacher gives permission to take any photographs at any time given.